4 Superstar Business Women You Need To Follow

4 Superstar Business Women

Some business women just stand stand out in a crowd. Their creativity, determination and marketing prowess set them apart from their peers. There’s a lot to learn from these ladies.

Let me introduce you to 4 superstar business women who are rocking the small business and entrepreneurial world!

1. Stacy Zoern

Stacy Zoern

Company: Kenguru

An ingenious startup featuring an electric hatchback car with no seats. Say what? That’s right, this vehicle possesses the potential to give freedom to millions of wheelchair users. Just think about that for a second and let it sink in.

Secret To Success

Stacy is driven by a passion to help others just like her. Born with spinal muscular atrophy, she has relied on wheelchairs her whole life.

After earning her law degree from The University of Texas, Stacy became increasingly frustrated by feeling confined to expensive city living. Needing a wheelchair for mobility meant she had to be close enough to work not to have to rely on someone else to drive her.

In her search for alternative transportation options, Stacy found the Kenguru concept already conceived by a man in Budapest whose funding had fallen through. Seeing potential, Stacy convinced him to move his operations to Texas.

Stacy has since raised $4 million from investors, and the Kenguru cars are soon to be rolling off factory lines.

Reason To Follow

Stacy is a model of determination for business women and all entrepreneurs. Her vision for bringing an extremely practical solution to life recently won her recognition by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of their “2014 Brillian 100” entrepreneurs. I’d say they picked well.

Where To Find Stacy

Follow Stacy on LinkedIn.

2. Katie Coleman

financial advisor

Company: Siena Wealth Advisory Group

An Ameriprise private wealth advisory practice. They provide:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Investments
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance

Secret To Success

Recently named as one of Long Island Business News’ “40 Under 40,” Katie has a passion for helping people. Her focus is on developing long-term relationships with her clients, who she identifies as “families”.

Katie says the key to her success is determination and hard work. While she’s already established a good client base, she says that it’s “Not that there’s so many people I’ve helped, but that there’s so many more people out there I can help.”

Most recently, Katie was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for a piece called How Advisors Can Work With Millennials. In the interview, she explains how today’s wealth advisors need to focus on

  • The importance of flexibility
  • Your online presence
  • Gaining trust

Reason To Follow

One of the most admirable things about Katie’s working life is her dedication to giving back. Katie shares more about this in Episode 2 of Big Time Small Business. Aside from running half marathons for charity, Katie also gives selflessly of her financial knowledge.

Each quarter, Katie provides free financial counseling to women who are overcoming hard times. In the last two years, Katie has trained over 100 women to be more financially responsible!

Katie and Sienna Wealth Advisory Group recently won the 2014 Ameriprise Financial Community Impact Award for exceptional volunteer service with the Michael Magro Foundation.

Rising superstar business women, take note. Giving back is the mark of a true leader.

Where To Find Katie

Follow Katie on LinkedIn.

3. Katie Rogers

fulfillment services

Company: DirectAnswer

A full service database management and fulfillment firm. They specialize in 3 different areas:

  • ECommerce
  • Advocacy & Fundraisers
  • Associations & Societies

Bottom line: If you’d rather focus on building one-on-one client relationships rather than focus on your client database and fulfillment of your product or services, this is the company for you!

Secret To Success

Katie says that DirectAnswer’s success lies in its diversity of product offerings. Whether you run an eCommerce site or manage an industry specific affinity association, there’s a solution for your business.

The one thing these industries all have in common, though, is the need to build one-one-one client relationships, which is the same approach DirectAnswer takes with their clients.

For example, in recent years, lots of Kickstarter success stories began coming to Katie’s company for fulfillment services. They were finding her through their non-profit fundraisers. They were social to begin with, so it was a match made in heaven.

Reason To Follow

Among small business women, Katie Rogers stands out as a superstar who knows that relationship building is key. Katie took us on a deep dive of her client relationship strategies in Episode 3 of Big Time Small Business. She’s not afraid to continually evolve in order to succeed. Yet she also believes you have to stick by your company’s values and not bend to customers who want something for nothing. Her motto is, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying!”

Where To Find Katie

Follow Katie on LinkedIn.

4. Carrie Reynolds

Carrie Reynolds

Company: Galvez Insurance

An independent insurance agency located in Bellefontaine, Ohio. They provide:

  • Home Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Life & Health Insurance

Secret To Success

Those who know me know that I own an insurance company. So you’re probably wondering why I’d promote another agent. Because she’s THAT good! Carrie is a master of branding and digital marketing for her insurance agency. She’s created an alter ego called “The Insurance Goddess”. And yes, there is a billboard with her dressed as a Roman goddess on the streets of America!

Carrie is a natural born marketer with the ability to explain insurance coverages through highly entertaining stories via her blog. She’s even released a Kindle book called Insuring Your First Home: Your Must-Have Guide to Make Home Buying Painless

Reason To Follow

Carrie has been featured in both National Underwriter Magazine and Insurance Journal for her branding and marketing prowess. Of all the business women I know, she’s the one to follow if you want to learn how to bring a human element to your marketing.

The Insurance Goddess even sends personal handwritten thank you notes to clients and friends! Now THAT’s classy.

Where To Find Carrie

Follow Carrie on LinkedIn.


These business women have what it takes to lead their companies into a successful future. Make sure you follow them on social media to keep up with what they do next.

Know any superstar business women you think I should feature? Let me know who and why in the comments below.


  1. carriereynolds on August 7, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    Jim Schubert- you have done something few people can do- leave me SPEECHLESS! I am so, so humbled to be included in this list. Wow. You are a class act yourself and thank you for your contributions to both the insurance and small business world. I am lucky to have built an amazing network and even better, some awesome friends!

  2. Jim Schubert on August 7, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Superstars deserve recognition. You’ve earned it, Carrie! Keep on working your marketing magic!!

  3. Sue L on August 25, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    You need to feature Dr. Jeanette Hill in your next profile: http://capitalofinnovation.com/projects/e3-intro-and-segment-1/. Her company, Spot On Sciences, has received international recognition along with funding from DARPA and NIH!

  4. Jim Schubert on August 26, 2014 at 8:43 am

    Thanks for the recommendation, Sue! Just sent you a message through LinkedIn.

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