The Big Time Small Business Podcast Story

The Big Time Small Business podcast and blog were born out of the love I have for the entrepreneurial spirit. Like many Americans, it’s in my DNA.Jim Schubert, host of the Big Time Small Business podcast, Rolling Up His Sleeves

Small Business In My Blood

My Grandfather

My grandfather owned the local grocery store in his small Mississippi town. He turned it into more than just a shopping experience. In true Southern style, his store became the town “meeting place”. I’m pretty sure he knew everyone’s name who walked in there.

Even as a boy, he let me work the cash register and help stock shelves. It was my first taste of the entrepreneurial life. And I was hooked!

My Father

After years of working for a large national insurance broker, my father decided to branch out on his own and started an insurance agency from scratch. His old company taught him how to make acquisitions like a pro, so he was ready for the challenge.

I clearly remember the day he took my mom and me to Johnny Rockets for lunch and told us he quit his job. He started by buying one small agency on the west side of Atlanta. Today, Southern States Insurance, Inc. is one of Georgia’s largest privately held independent insurance agencies.


After a short stint as a high school English teacher right out of college, I joined the agency and started at the bottom and worked my way up. I found my niche as a Commercial Insurance producer helping other small business owners with their insurance programs.

I’m now the President of Southern States Insurance, Inc., and I’m working hard to one day pass this company onto my three children.

The Goal: Help Others Reach “Big Time” Status

Over the years, I’ve watched with fascination as my clients have grown their small companies into something big. Sometimes something REALLY big! Like a true entrepreneurial geek, I love studying the formulas that create successful companies.

So I decided to create a place to share the stories of small businesses owners who have made it to the big leagues and those who are on their way. I wanted to tap into the roots of their success and show other entrepreneurs how they can do the same. Thus was born the Big Time Small Business podcast.

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Big Time Small Business podcast is to empower small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups to “Grow big or go home!” by sharing educational, inspirational and actionable resources.

Ready To “Grow Big Or Go Home”?

If you’ve got a dream to grow your business. I mean REALLY grow your business. Join us!

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I look forward to helping you “Grow big or go home”!

– Jim Schubert

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Join the ranks of the “Big Timers” by checking out our Big Time Small Business podcast. Each week, I interview a small business owner who’s grown their business into something much larger than even they ever imagined. I dig deep to dissect their success story for you so that you can learn from their highs and their lows. Check it out!


I got my start as a high school English teacher. So I love to write about my experiences. Whether it’s something I’ve learned as a small business owner or something from another “Big Timer” that I think you can’t live without knowing. Leaders are readers. Take a look!


I want to add value to your Big Time Small Business podcast experience by providing you with resources to help you on your journey as a “Big Timer”. Be sure to check out our resources page where you’ll find the links to recommended books, online marketing tools, eBooks, and lots of other free stuff. Get started!

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