Episode 7: Tom Olson

eco pedicab

Episode 7: Tom Olson Meet Tom, owner of Eco Pedicab, a zero emissions bike taxi. Tom is the definition of a born entrepreneur, as he is constantly thinking up amazing new ventures. Be sure to tune-in to this episode to learn all about Tom’s passion for hard work and exactly how he is on his…

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Episode 6: ArtLifting


Episode 6: ArtLifting Meet Liz and Spencer Powers, founders of ArtLifing, a social enterprise solution for homeless and disabled artists. ArtLifting gives these disadvantaged artists the opportunity to showcase and sell their work in a professional gallery. Listen to hear the inspiring story this brother-sister team has to share about their startup and be sure…

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Episode 5: Colin Kennedy

Episode 5: Colin Kennedy Meet Colin, Co-Founder of Neuron Global, a custom software and application development company that is based in both the United States as well as the Philippines. Learn how Colin and his company beat the odds and excelled as a startup at the beginning of the recession in 2008, and find out…

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Episode 3: Katie Rogers

Episode 3 - Katie Rogers - Never let the grass grow under your feet.

Episode 3: Katie Rogers Meet Katie Rogers, COO of DirectAnswer, a database management and fulfillment services firm. They specialize in three different areas: e-commerce, advocacy & fundraising, and associations & societies. Listen to this podcast to find out how and when Katie began to think more like an owner rather than an employee, and discover…

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Episode 2: Katie Coleman

Episode 2 - Katie Coleman - When you're going through hell, just keep going.

Episode 2: Katie Coleman Meet Katie Coleman, a Managing Partner and Financial Advisor for the Siena Wealth Advisory Group. In this podcast you will find out more about Katie’s passion and experience as a financial advisor and helping others, including some amazing non-profit work she is doing in her community. Listen and find out how…

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