Episode 15: Christa Pitts

Meet Christa, Co-founder of the company CCA & B, a publishing company which produced the children’s book Elf On The Shelf, which tells the story of Santa’s scout elves. Christa, her sister and her mother had a Christmas tradition they wanted to share with everyone, but were met with a sizable obstacle initially. Find out…

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Episode 14: LiLing Pang

Meet LiLing, CEO and Editor of Trekaroo, a travel website that includes reviews on travel with kids, family fun, kid activities, kid-friendly hotels, resorts and vacation packages for your family trips. LiLing saw there was a lack of community online for families to share their travel experiences, which prompted her to create Trekaroo. Tune-in to…

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Episode 13: Bridget Dunlap

Episode 13: Bridget Dunlap Meet Bridget Dunlap, owner of several bars and restaurants in a thriving night-life area of Austin, Texas. However, this particular part of town wasn’t always as popular as it is now. Once littered with run-down and empty houses, Bridget took a dilapidated Rainey Street and turned it into the success that…

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Episode 12: Stacy Zoern

Episode 12: Stacy Zoern Meet Stacy, President of Kenguru Inc., a company that has created a transporter that brings independence and mobility to people who use wheelchairs. Stacy, being wheelchair-bound herself, was frustrated with her lack of mobility and was searching for an affordable mode of transportation when she came across the Kenguru being developed…

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Episode 11: PJ Jonas

Episode 11: PJ Jonas Meet PJ Jonas, creator of Goat Milk Stuff, a company that offers handmade goat milk soap and related products made with raw milk from Alpine dairy goats. Being a wife and home-schooling mom of 8 kids, PJ saw the need for a soap that wasn’t full of harmful chemicals, and decided…

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5 Social Media Scheduling Tools Every Small Business Needs

Not all small businesses and entrepreneurs have the coin to drop on hiring a full time Social Media Manager. Something about running lean and cutting costs, I guess. Go figure! So, for the rest of us, we need social media scheduling tools that can push our fantastically awesome content out to the masses. Here are…

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Episode 10: Dr. Jeanette Hill

spot on sciences

Episode 10: Dr. Jeanette Hill Meet Dr. Jeanette Hill, Founder and CEO of Spot On Sciences, a medical devices company located in Texas. Dr. Hill and her company are responsible for the development of HemaSpot, a simple to use device (patent-pending) for self sampling and robust storage/shipping of blood samples at ambient temperatures. Tune-in to…

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Episode 9: Logan Hale

V3 Media Marketing

Episode 9: Logan Hale Meet Logan Hale, Creative Director of V3 Media Marketing, a company that specializes in producing video content for businesses through-out their digital media marketing efforts. Logan worked in the film industry in New York City, until the events of 9/11 forced him to find a job in Marketing. He soon realized…

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Episode 8: Shawn Still

Olympic Pool Plastering

Episode 8: Shawn Still Meet Shawn Still, General Manager of Olympic Pool Plastering. Shawn initially started his career in health care, but decided to make a shift to the family business when the future of his current industry looked uncertain. In this episode of Big Time Small Business, Shawn discusses many important factors that affect…

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Episode 7: Tom Olson

eco pedicab

Episode 7: Tom Olson Meet Tom, owner of Eco Pedicab, a zero emissions bike taxi. Tom is the definition of a born entrepreneur, as he is constantly thinking up amazing new ventures. Be sure to tune-in to this episode to learn all about Tom’s passion for hard work and exactly how he is on his…

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