Episode 13: Bridget Dunlap

Episode 13: Bridget Dunlap

Bridget Dunlap

Meet Bridget Dunlap, owner of several bars and restaurants in a thriving night-life area of Austin, Texas. However, this particular part of town wasn’t always as popular as it is now. Once littered with run-down and empty houses, Bridget took a dilapidated Rainey Street and turned it into the success that it is today. Learn all about her wild journey on this episode of Big Time Small Business!


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The Definition of Success

Listen to hear Bridget talk about what success means to her and how she considers her biggest success as being able to provide jobs for others- employing over 100 people in the Austin area!

Big Time Business Blooper

Tune-in to hear Bridget talk about one of her biggest bloopers, hiring the wrong people for her businesses. She goes on to explain the importance of not taking things too personally, especially in her industry.

Personal Mantra

  • “Dream big and make it happen on your own terms”
  • “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – Muhammand Ali
  • “If you’re going through hell, keep going” – Winston Churchill

The Road To “Big Time”

What is Bridget doing to become a Big Time Small Business? “Well right now I have three projects in the works, which is an insane thing to do,” Bridget remarks. Learn more about her determination to expand her empire on Rainey Street and around Austin.

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Good Reads

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Doing It Over Again

What would Bridget do differently if she had to do it all over again? “I wouldn’t change a thing, all of the lessons along the way have helped me get here,” she says.

Getting In Touch

Want more of Bridget? You can learn more about her and her places at www.bridgetdunlap.com

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