Episode 2: Katie Coleman

Episode 2: Katie Coleman

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Meet Katie Coleman, a Managing Partner and Financial Advisor for the Siena Wealth Advisory Group. In this podcast you will find out more about Katie’s passion and experience as a financial advisor and helping others, including some amazing non-profit work she is doing in her community. Listen and find out how Katie has become a Big Timer!


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The Definition of Success

“For me, significance is more important than success. Success is about helping yourself and significance is about helping others be successful” is Katie’s profound take on what it means to be personally successful. You won’t want to miss what else she has to say on the subject!

Big Time Business Blooper

Be sure to tune into the podcast to hear how Katie jumped the gun on some hiring decisions, before taking the time to determine how particular employees would impact the culture of the organization.

Personal Mantra

Learn how Katie has used these two mantras to keep her motivated during tough times:

“When you’re going through hell, just keep going”

“Go Big or Go Home”

The Road To “Big Time”

Katie attributes her continuation on the road to being a Big Time Small Business to her focus on marketing and brand awareness as well as participating in speaking engagements. Listen for the rest of Katie’s tips on becoming Big Time!

Recommended Small Business Tools

  • LinkedIn and Facebook: Katie believes that from a business perspective, these two social media platforms are great for brand awareness and meeting new people, and also for sharing your involvement in the community.
  • Ameriprise Total View App: This iPhone application aggregates all of your financial accounts, such as savings, checking, investments etc., making it easier for you to keep track of your money.

Good Reads

Take a look at what Katie is currently reading, plus some of her all time favorites:

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Doing It Over Again

What would Katie do differently if she had to start over again? “I would become a financial advisor immediately after school” she says as she goes on to explain her passion for the business. She also says she would have learned earlier on not to sweat the small stuff.

Getting In Touch

Want more of Katie and the work that she does? You can find her here on LinkedIn and also on Facebook. You can also email her at mary.k.coleman@ampf.com

You can also learn more about her company, Siena Wealth Advisory Group, as well as the organization the Michael Magro Foundation.

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